Sydney Twinkle

Sydney Twinkle

Title: Sydney Twinkle

Copyright: © Alison Muir

Date Made: April 2006

Dimensions: (H) 130 cm, (W) 130 cm, (H) 51 inches, (W) 51 inches

Materials and Techniques: Commercial, hand painted and hand dyed, shibori silk, metallic silk, cotton, recycled kimono, paper and beads
 Fused appliqué and machine pieced

Photographer: Andrew Payne

Caption: Most people when they visit Sydney, in the evening, for the first time become aware of the twinkle of the lights. If you describe it to some-one they cannot image it- the twinkle is special to Sydney Australia, my home. The work was made to honour Joanne Halgren who died of cancer in London early in 2006. Her smile was a Sydney twinkle, her home.

Awards and Collections: Collection of the artist

Exhibitions: Husqvana Viking exhibition "MasterPieces: Imagine That!' at International Quilt Market, Houston October 2006, International Quilt Festival, Houston November 2006 and International Quilt Festival Chicago April 2007

Publications: MasterPieces: 'Imagine That! catalogue

Date compiled: August 2006

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