Last Frontier


Title: Last Frontier

Copyright: © Alison Muir

Date Made: November 2016

Dimensions: (H) 258 cm, (W) 149 cm, (H) 101.5 inches, (W) 59 inches

Materials: Commercial silk, Tiwi Island silk, cotton, polyester, paper Shibori, heat set images, lino cut prints, fused applique, machine stitching
Techniques: Fused appliqué and machine quilting

Photographer: Andrew Payne

Caption: Man has explored Earth’s Moon, most of the planets in Earth’s Solar system and some outer space but until Man could withstand water pressure at depths and still breathe the deep oceans were out of bounds. Recent published works by marine scientists and photographers have started to document the creatures of the deep. This work draws on my imagination to visualise a World down deep with little sunlight but much life

Awards and Collections: Selected for Expressions 2000 at National Wool Museum Private collection

Exhibitions: Expressions 2000 the wool quilt prize, The National Wool Museum, Geelong Victoria. North Shore Craft Group exhibition and Postcards from the Hunter Valley at Capercaillie Wine Company 2002

Publications: Expressions 2000 catalogue. Members Pages at

Date compiled: 21 November 2016

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