The politics of water

I make textile artworks that comment on water environments, the politics of water and use quilting methods to hold the layers together. Some are very large and some are quite small and experimental. I use the works to make political comments on global issues, such as climate change, global warming, water environments that are not clean or pure, the state of the inland rivers and that do not meet what we call in Australia ‘the Pub test’.

eucalyptus dye pot
eucalyptus dye pot
indigo vat
eucalyptus dyed recycled kimono silk

Experiments and scraps

In other words, the man in the street is not impressed with the politics, and obviously, neither am I. hate discarding and sending anything to landfill so I worked out ways to reuse and recycle textiles, experiments and scraps onto beautiful watercolour paper which I cut to DL Greeting cards and gift cards.

This is my textile practice, which is hands-on in many senses of the word; I design the work and then experiment and use different techniques and materials to deliver my messages, often derisive and always passionate about the environment and water politics.

leaf steamed paper