Reflection: the autumn of an Australian monarchy

It is timely with a Prime Minister who has no capacity to read the electorate that I should be presenting the first of my very political works from 2000. The lead up to 2000 Centenary of Federation was Malcolm Turnball's time to offer an alternative; pity he went to the Conservatives or he might have been PM earlier. Tony Abbott is now my Federal member of Parliament!

In 2000 I was awarded the Centenary medal for my services to North Sydney community, the precinct system and the arts; it was presented to me by Joe Hockey as my Federal member of Parliament. 

We didn't need a monarchy in 2000 and we dont need one now! The Conservatives are only interested in power for the few and to remain in place so they can use the system to their advantage.

Dont get me wrong, I am not sure Bill Shorten would be a better leader; it is time some of the smart women in this nation were given a chance to lead. At least they know how to run a household and family.

Tony wont do it but we need to be independent of the monarchy. We need to be a strong nation in our own right hand in hand with the first Australians


In the wake
A wet blanket


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