In the wake

Early in the 20th Century my paternal grandfather immigrated by ship to Adelaide Australia from Birmingham England. Now his great grandchildren are exploring the delights of his native country but fly rather than travel by water

I was able to get a working visa to work in London in 1974 because of my paternal grandfather. I won a design scholarship and worked in the offices of John Siddeley in Knightsbridge while renting a basement apartment in Chelsea and had Harrods as my local supermarket. Back then the $A was worth 2 English pounds and I lived like a very well spending every cent on travel, clothes and food

Later when I married we spent months in England exploring the country of my grandfather only to be left with a legacy of not being able to give blood for the rest of my life. This was due to the foot and mouth epidemic and because we had been eating meat and chicken.

In the wake can be seen in Collections on the website as it is in the possession of 1 of my brothers; the family line 'Huskins' or 'Osekins' from the Vikings who invaded England many 100's of years ago............

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