Cleaning up after mum

Dementia developed early in my mothers world and we became parents to her from about the age of 50. She was the artists in the family and could draw children, sketching us while watching TV.

She finally died 25 years later in 1997 and left behind a collection of textiles some of which were purchased by her father on his buying trips to England & Europe in the 1950's.

In 2000 my father decided to leave the family home in Seaforth and move into an apartment so he could travel and enjoy his later years with a new companion.

Making Cleaning up after mum was quite cathartic and helped me realise the many traits I have inherited from my mother Bobby; not the dementia yet!

The work is in a private collection within my family and can be seen in the Collection Gallery on this website


Short poppies are valuable too
Reflections on a saline land


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