My Driving Force

My ‘sign’ is water, and I try to immerse myself in it regularly. Water is the driving force in my ‘World’. I am passionate about the environment, particularly water in all its forms, and I am interested in how it represents the feminine and allows meditation.


Artists’ Books

Prelude: Artists’ Books Now: Media Release
Clifton School of Arts, 2 – 12 November 2023


338 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, CLIFTON NSW 2515

On the windswept South Coast of New South Wales north of Wollongong, just before the sweeping curves of the new and stunning Sea Cliff Bridge going north, stands the iconic Clifton School of Arts (CSA). There is hardly any land in this location that can be built on. The escarpment above does not allow for much development although the railway line from Sydney, having at times what seems a precarious hold on the escarpment, is still intact. The small School of Arts stands firmly in place looking out over the sea. A thriving, community-based, cultural hub for the Northern Illawarra and beyond, the Clifton School of Arts has been owned and operated by the community for over 110 years.

Reflections of a Coastal Dweller

I have produced 118 pieces of textile using water as the subject since 1993

Prompted by the call for works to illustrate ‘Australia Dreaming’, quilts to Nagoya, Japan by The Quilters’ Guild NSW, the first piece of art expressing my love of water, made in 1993, was ‘Reflections of a Coastal Dweller’. The work was made using a large bag of silks given to me when a retiring dressmaker; a happy but challenging gift.

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Cremation quilt for Poppa

Alison Muir at National Quilt Museum Paducah, USA for the Opening of ‘Gala of the Unexpected’ 25th anniversary in 2016. Textile juried is ‘Cremation quilt for Poppa’ made from medical wrapping cloths, dyed & hand stitched.


My first solo show in 2005 ‘Aquamarine: recent textiles by Alison Muir’ was held at Mosman Art Gallery and included 12 new works and a number of pieces from public and private collections. At the opening of the exhibition Liz Williamson encouraged me to consider further study. That led to study and research for a Master’s degree by research at the College of Fine Art in Sydney.